Harvey BILD Magazine Coverage


Jim Olive


Harvey BILD Magazine Coverage


These photos were published within a short time of the photos being taken for the German division of BILD Magazine.  BILD is the largest news magazine in Europe, and as such, the destructive forces of Harvey were viewed by millions of people. The collection of photos covers a large portion of the Houston Metropolitan Area. If there is a request for commercial use of the images, please contact the creator, James Olive, at jim2stockyard@gmail.com.  




The creator of this item retains all rights not granted under the Terms and Conditions of the Harvey Memories Project. For all commercial use, please contact the creator, James Olive, at  jim2stockyard@gmail.com.


These items were provided to the Harvey Memories Project by Jim Olive

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A Pile Of Debris
A pile of debris caused by Hurricane Harvey

Life Jackets And Rafts
A woman unloading life jackets and rafts from a car.

Rescuers On A Street
Five people on a street sporting rescue wear conversing

Rescuers On A Street
Three rescuers on a street with a flooded car

A Group Meeting
A group meeting of first responders and other people.

In The Rescue Room
A room full of first responders

Rescuers Conversing
Two people conversing in the Cypress Creek EMS building

Water On A Trailer
A trailer full of bottled water

Wading Under The Overpass
A man wading through chest-high water under an overpass.

Wading Away From The Boat
A rescuer wading through water while three men remain on the boat.
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