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Story from someone who had been through previous hurricanes about the fear associated with Harvey, as well as the sense that she was among the lucky ones. She relates gratitude for those who were saving others and describes her contributions to the…
A small business owner relates a story about a faint sound coming from a vehicle horn in a flooded part of West Harris County.
Story from a mother about recovering from having her home flooded during Harvey.
Story about the impact of Hurricane Harvey. Includes information about preparing for hurricane in a first floor apartment and leaving the apartment complex in a monster truck. Also discusses the aftermath of the storm, including staying with friends…

A collection of stories created by the Associate Dean of Undergraduates and Director of Multicultural Affairs of Rice University's UNIV 110-004 class.

Front yard.jpg
This is a picture of the debris in the front yard from my parents' flooded home. The photo was taken while we were having a short break from the clean up. The house was completely demolished around Easter 2018 after sitting empty for months after…

Water was receding

When our local church shelter in Alvin had to close due to imminent flooding plus non-working bathrooms, roughly 500 of us were packed onto buses for some unknown shelter destination outside of Brazoria County. We were initially told they were…
This was taken later, after much of the damage was done. If I had been flooded as my neighbors, I would have been tempted to sue some of the companies who blocked raising the bridge due to their own financial concerns rather than that of the…

photo 3.JPG
This photo was taken when we couldn't get out of house the day after Harvey flood.
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