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The project reflected in this image and its haiku narration began during visits with a friend — an accomplished and published writer and distinguished scholar. Isolated and ravaged by treatment of his ultimately fatal disease, his mind was…

Marking shows where the sinkhole formed on the Beltway 8 retaining wall, causing flooded Buffalo Bayou to fill in the underpass of Memorial Drive and Beltway 8.
A wall of the warm up room being prepared for remediation.
Worker in the warm up room working on the remediation
Three workers in the warm up room walking over the stripped floor
A worker standing in the warm up room with a collection of bags of discarded insulation.
Two workers hauling bags of insulation out of the warm up room
Three workers in the warm up room hauling out waste.
A short video touring the damage in the wig run room in the basement.
A short video showing the interior of the wardrobe run room in the basement led by a flashlight.
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