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It's a collection of still pictures taken before, during, and after the storm at my home.

Flooded, Rescued, Resilient: Stories of Strength and Heroism Told by the Houstonians Who Lived Them Flyer
Complete video of stories told at Harvey storytelling concert co-sponsored by The Trust for Public Land, Park Smart-Precinct 1, Precinct 1, and the Harvey Memories Project. Features introductions by Eric Berger. Stories include: "Storm Chaser,"…

coast guard.jpg
Story from a Coast Guard Specialist First Class about performing rescues during Hurricane Harvey and about the impact of the storm on his own home.

miya shay.jpg
Story about covering Hurricane Harvey for the TV news from Emmy-winning journalist.

ian shelton.jpg
Story from a storm chaser about watching Hurricane Harvey's arrival as it came to shore on the central Texas coast.

georgina castilleja.jpg
Story from an HISD principal about recovering from Harvey, including dealing with a flooded home.

damon williams.jpg
Story about The Community of Faith's Hurricane Harvey disaster response activities.

claudia solis.jpg
Story from one of the founders of I Have Food I Need Food about providing thousands of meals to people in need after Harvey.

With neighborhoods returning to a state of "normal", we are surrounded by scars of what Harvey did to us. From tire gouges in grass, to waterlines still visible on fences, the memories of Harvey are still so visible.
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