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This photo was taken when we couldn't get out of house the day after Harvey flood.

The whole neighborhood looked like Venise and the image was taken from the boat we used to visit friends.

Our entire backyard, including the pool, was covered in several feet of water after the dam release. The water in the street next to our backyard fence was up to five feet deep, and the current was so strong that our neighbors in small boats had some…

Photo taken from rescue boat as we evacuated 8/27/17 in Ponderosa Lakes

This was day four and the water was still rising. The apartment was flooded so some of us went into the empty apt on second floor to get out of the water in our apt. My son and my beds were floating and cats were on counters or in our beds. The water…

I just happen to work for a mold remediation contractor.

I think I had the biggest debris pile on the block!

Millie Bush dog park in George Bush park still flooded as of Sept 23, 2017.

Tree limb on roof after Harvey. Glenbrook Valley near Hobby Airport.

Photo of a local park in kingwood
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