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This image was possibly the hardest one that I took. The water was almost to my neck and it was hard to walk as I couldn't see the floor and feared that I would step in something dangerous or fall into something deeper. But I had to take a photo of…

The water had gone down a fair amount for me to be able to use my high-tired truck to drive around a bit. Some stores had now reopened, with many people in line, seeking supplies. Though the water had cleared in most streets, some areas still…

During the calm of the storm, I was able to go out of my house and walk around. Many of the roads were still flooded and it felt nearly impossible to walk in some parts. At one point, the water was up to my shoulders. As I walked, I stopped to take…

The project reflected in this image and its haiku narration began during visits with a friend — an accomplished and published writer and distinguished scholar. Isolated and ravaged by treatment of his ultimately fatal disease, his mind was…

Marking shows where the sinkhole formed on the Beltway 8 retaining wall, causing flooded Buffalo Bayou to fill in the underpass of Memorial Drive and Beltway 8.
A wall of the warm up room being prepared for remediation.
Worker in the warm up room working on the remediation
Three workers in the warm up room walking over the stripped floor
A worker standing in the warm up room with a collection of bags of discarded insulation.
Two workers hauling bags of insulation out of the warm up room
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