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After our house flooded during Harvey, we evacuated to a hotel near the Galleria. We'd been stuck there for a couple of days and needless to say, were very grateful to get somewhere safe, comfortable and dry. The aftermath of the storm was still…

Four months before the storm, we sold a suburban house of 21 years and moved to the 40th floor of a highrise in the heart of downtown, 2 blocks from the bayou. Saturday was uneventful, and we were beginning to feel that Harvey was yet another…

A work document detailing the remediation process at the Kingwood Branch

A work document talking about the process of documenting the remediation.
A work document about he progress of the remediation.
A work document about he progress of the remediation.
A work document from the Branch Manager about the remediation process

18 months post Harvey still brings acute pains of sorrow. The storm began before the storm with days spent preparing our home for possible flooding. 2 feet of Brays Bayou terrorized our precious home for 24 hours leaving us weeks of back breaking…

A collection of stories created by the Associate Dean of Undergraduates and Director of Multicultural Affairs of Rice University's UNIV 110-004 class.

When our local church shelter in Alvin had to close due to imminent flooding plus non-working bathrooms, roughly 500 of us were packed onto buses for some unknown shelter destination outside of Brazoria County. We were initially told they were…
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