18 months post harvey


18 months post Harvey still brings acute pains of sorrow. The storm began before the storm with days spent preparing our home for possible flooding. 2 feet of Brays Bayou terrorized our precious home for 24 hours leaving us weeks of back breaking clean up while trying to carry on day to day living, eating, sleeping, working, and caring for each other. Harvey was the worst of our three floods. How could Harvey bring flooding to Brays Bayou after all the widening and improved drainage to protect our neighborhoods? Our home sits gutted now waiting for a buyer to tear her down and build an oversized home in her spot she reigned for 68 years. We lost our home and three cars in Harvey, but we have the means to recover. We count our blessings and lost no life. The grieving process is a lengthy one and here we are as life goes on.


Nena Marshall


18 months post harvey


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