Best Burger


After our house flooded during Harvey, we evacuated to a hotel near the Galleria. We'd been stuck there for a couple of days and needless to say, were very grateful to get somewhere safe, comfortable and dry. The aftermath of the storm was still being felt everywhere, including most restaurants - but there was one place within walking distance of the hotel which was open: the Burger Palace, on Sage Road. They were there working as hard as they could, serving burgers and trying to keep some sense of normality for folks who just wanted a hot meal. Normally they have a variety of gourmet burgers with all kinds of extras, but all they had on this day were regular old burgers. Gourmet or not, I can safely say it was one of the best burgers I've ever had in my life - when you are tired, hungry and distressed it means the world to have a decent meal and a cold beer. My hat's off to the restaurant owners, workers, and cooks who kept things going during a tough time and helped to lift our spirits.




Best Burger


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