The Storm - Under The Bridge



Isaac Sanchez


The Storm - Under The Bridge


The water had gone down a fair amount for me to be able to use my high-tired truck to drive around a bit. Some stores had now reopened, with many people in line, seeking supplies. Though the water had cleared in most streets, some areas still remained flooded. In the corner of Crosstimbers and Hardy, where the entrance to 610 and 59 starts, still remained completely flooded. This area has always been infamous of getting flooded with even the smallest of rainfall. This was no different. It was possibly that the sewers were completely clogged, making the water remain. I parked my truck right at the edge of the street, walking as close to the water as I could to get a better image. While I was doing so, a police car came by, with two officers stepping out of the vehicle. I was afraid I wasn't suppose to be there, but they were actually there to see the flooding and take some photos as well. We all just wondered when the rain would go away. When we could back to our normal lives again.




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