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My story is published in whole on this website:

Irene – Minneapolis: Birthing a Disaster Response Organization



Something extraordinary happened. Five…

Photo of a local park in kingwood

wow this a story to rember its so real how oeople can do the elderly and veteran that serve for a dollar my dad rent this house in Missouri city on ruppost now I have been calling landlord wich was the realitt to complain about the lights were…

I had about two and a half feet of water in my house. It rained that night constantly, just constantly. I remember going to the back door and I saw that the water level was right at the edge of my back door. I thought if it doesn't stop raining, it's…

My story is not the typical HARVEY story in that only 2 inches of water came into my downstairs duplex in Third Ward. The bigger damage was from the continuous rain that affected my roof, siding and foundation. In the immediate aftermath I reported…
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