Alley Theatre Collection


Alley Theatre Staff; Anne Chao


Alley Theatre Collection


The photos and videos in this collection reflect the days after the flood from the first time it was safe to enter the building again through part of the rennovations.




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These item was shared with Anne Chao for inclusion in the Harvey Memories Project.

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Collection Items

Half Gutted Wall
A wall of the warm up room being prepared for remediation.

Remediation In Progress
Worker in the warm up room working on the remediation

Stripped Floors
Three workers in the warm up room walking over the stripped floor

Bags of Insulation
A worker standing in the warm up room with a collection of bags of discarded insulation.

Bags of Insulation
Two workers hauling bags of insulation out of the warm up room

Warm Up Room Remediation
Three workers in the warm up room hauling out waste.

Wig Run Room Damage
A short video touring the damage in the wig run room in the basement.

Spotlight in the Wardrobe Run Room In The Basement
A short video showing the interior of the wardrobe run room in the basement led by a flashlight.

Entering the Wardrobe Run Room
The state of the wardrobe run room in the basement after the flood.

Old Stereo
A person holding a flood damaged old stereo.
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