Barbara Bush @ Cypress Creek


Jim Johnson; Harris County Public Libraries


Barbara Bush @ Cypress Creek


This collection represents a lot of the damage caused by the Hurricane at the Barbara Bush at Cypress Creek Harris County Public Library and part of the remodel.




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These items were shared with the Harvey Memories Project by the Harris County Public Libraries and Jim Johnson.

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Collection Items

Stripped Stairs
A photo of the stripped stairs

Stripped Stairs
A photo of the stripped stairs and adjacent wall

Children's Collection Airing Out
A photo of the entrance to the Children's Collection section being aired out during remediation

Gutted Wall Below The Mural
A photo of the gutted wall below the Treasure Island mural

Piles Of Bags
A photo of the bagged insulation and other materials put out for trash collection

Discarded Damage
A photo of the damaged furniture put out for trash collection

Air Circulating
A photo of the Nonfiction section cleared of shelves with several fans airing out the room

Bottles Of Soap and Stripped Walls
A photo of bottles of soap on a cart and a room with stripped walls during remediation

"Library Rebuilding Now"
A photograph of the rebuilding banner outside of the Cypress Creek branch.

Fallen Books
A photo of shelves and fallen books
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