Hurricane Harvey: Bayside, TX


Chelsey Delaney


Hurricane Harvey: Bayside, TX


"For raising awareness about the impact of Hurricane Harvey on the coastal town of Bayside, TX, with the goal of motivating relief to rebuild the community so that it continues to thrive."
-- Taken from the original Flickr album Hurricane Harvey: Bayside, TX

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Collapsed Building
a collapsed building

Leaning Pole
leaning utility pole in the water

A FEMA sign

Destroyed Building
a destroyed building

Storm Debris In A Tree
storm debris trapped in a tree by a road

Wood Mansion Leaning
another view of the leaning wooden mansion

Muraled Building Without A Roof
weathered building with a mural

Mostly Intact Porch
debris on the porch of a mostly in tact house

Mostly Intact House
broken tree near mostly intact house

Collapsed Carport near a house
debris and collapsed car port of a house
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