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My truck


This was day four and the water was still rising. The apartment was flooded so some of us went into the empty apt on second floor to get out of the water in our apt. My son and my beds were floating and cats were on counters or in our beds. The water was waist high. After the water went down we were placed in a Hotel Drury Inn in Woodlands, TX. With no vehile I missed all of September working. Lost my job. Used all my savings and working for less money at new job. Lost everything in apt as the water was full of raw sewage and did not take anything from the apt unless it was on a high shelf. At 73 I cannot just start over so easy. It has been stressful I mean just writing this makes me sad. I list so much. I am grateful that we are alive and our pets survived. I am a widow of 8 years so I cannot even think about retiring. I am grateful for good health and work I like as a Counselor helping others. It keeps me going every day. Thank you for reading my story .


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