Worst Timing



This story actually starts about a year before Harvey, on July 7 2016 when my father passed away at the age of 59, it seemed it sent my life spinning in a snowball that is only now starting to slow down. After his death, and funeral my brother, mother and I started discussing what we needed to do, and we decided we would use the money dad left us to finally fix up our 20 year old house, because dad never wanted to. We hired a contractor in early 2017 and started remodeling the house. A week before Harvey came into our lives, and our home we had just finished remodeling the kitchen, with brand new wood cabinets, and a brand new oven. You might be able to imagine our anxiety as the water started soaking through the walls and covering the entire downstairs. Only moms bedroom, which is on the ground floor, had new wood floors which were ruined, thankfully we had not replaced the carpet in the living and dining room yet, as you can see in the picture this was around the time we knew we would soon be throwing out what remained of our carpet, but it was 20 years old and it was pink so it wasn't all bad. (it's a long story, don't ask why we wanted pink carpet)
thankfully we only had about an inch of standing water, of course once it started coming in we spent 3 long hours vacuuming up water and dumping it into the toilet. Some friends of friends helped us rip up the carpet the next day, another example of neighbors helping neighbors.


Stephanie Hill


Worst Timing


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