Looking Through the Eyes of a News Camera


It's been a year ago today that Harvey came and destroyed so many innocent lives and livelyhoods. It seems not too long ago, the deluge of storms and sirens going off warning of tornadoes nearby. My son sleeping through this while I stayed up praying, keeping watch that God will see us through this too. Tears still come to my eyes when reminded of that horrific hurricane. Especially when pictures and videos of victims and rescuers are shown. Families with children and babies in the flood waters being rescued by ordinary people bringing their boats and vehicles to offer their assistance. No one asking them or their jobs to do this. Out of their hearts they were touched to get out of their safety and comfort of their homes to save people leaving their flooded homes with just their water soaked clothes on their backs.

So thankful to first responders and these awesome rescuers who worked day and night without sleep or rest to rescue so, so many victims. Everyone donating money, clothes and food to help.

After seeing so many babies, children and the elderly all soaking wet from the flood waters and rain, I just cried and those tears still come a year later.

In my lifetime, I've been through so many hurricanes and floods but never like Harvey. People still haven't gotten back into their homes yet, some are still down to the studs. Others are just moving back.

But the outpouring of decency, caring and humanity showed up from all across the US to help so many in need. It brought so much hope and pride that our country can still come together for everyone and not be dividing. I always place my faith first that good will always prevail.

I'm proud to say I love where we live even of threats of hurricanes every year. I love my city because we are a huge diverse group of people. But when this happened, we were all family caring for each other. Checking in on friends and family to make sure they were ok and helping strangers with food and dry clothes and the basic of necessities. This is why we are



Yolanda Martinez


Looking Through the Eyes of a News Camera


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