Share your memories of Hurricane Harvey.

Where were you? What's your story?

In August 2017, Hurricane Harvey dropped more than 30 trillion gallons of water along the Texas Gulf Coast. This website is a place where you can find memories and digital artifacts about this historic natural disaster or share your own stories, images, and audiovisual recordings related to Hurricane Harvey.

Our mission is to collect, preserve, and share digital artifacts associated with the storm, as well as the many stories that Harvey left in its wake—stories of rescue, resilience, and recovery, as well as stories of painful loss and lingering questions.

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Recently Added Items

Charity in Action

Four months before the storm, we sold a suburban house of 21 years and moved to the 40th floor of a highrise in the heart of downtown, 2 blocks from…

The Storm - Abandoned


This image was possibly the hardest one that I took. The water was almost to my neck and it was hard to walk as I couldn't see the floor and feared…

The Storm - Under The Bridge


The water had gone down a fair amount for me to be able to use my high-tired truck to drive around a bit. Some stores had now reopened, with many…