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I had a dream a few days before Harvey and i wasn’t sure what it meant, but I felt the urge to paint it anyway.
When Harvey struck, we were lucky not to flood. But our house like many others around us, was surrounded by water.
We were trapped…

My original oil painting depicting the remnants of the debris of the storm. Our family rode out Harvey in Sargent, Texas
My parents rode out Irma in Miami and lost everything when their house exploded in The Keys.
I feel like this is also a Tale of…

18 months post Harvey still brings acute pains of sorrow. The storm began before the storm with days spent preparing our home for possible flooding. 2 feet of Brays Bayou terrorized our precious home for 24 hours leaving us weeks of back breaking…

My home around Sept 2, 2017. Taken on boat trip to salvage belonging on second floor. Water max was 5-1/2 feet then leveled to around 4 feet. It receded on Sept 10, 2017

Loaded up our younger kids onto an airbed to head to safety.

Loaded up our younger kids onto an airbed to head to safety.

This is what total devastation looks like. Harvey left us with nothing. As you can see in the photo, everything had to be removed from the house. Hardly anything was salvageable. Lost both cars as well.

Not much but it was my home. This was taken during the process of flipping back over prior to being hauled away. A picture of the inside.
Some photos, video and aftermath of Harvey in Memorial Villages.

a collapsed building
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