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Copy of One Fine Mess - Lori Sanders.pdf
Poem written shortly after evacuation of our home during Harvey

Copy of Hazard Pay and Hurricane Tattoo - Holly Walrath.pdf
Here are two poems I wrote during Harvey, "Hazard Pay" and "Hurricane Tattoo." During Harvey, Seabrook was under voluntary evacuation so I relocated to Austin with our pets while my husband stayed in Houston to work at Texas Children's Hospital.

Copy of Houston Flood Museum Poems 6-25-18 - kathy g.pdf
These are seven poems dealing with the before, during, and after-effects of Horrible Harvey Wallbanger, the name I blithely bestowed upon the hurricane before the devastation began for real and took the funny away. My husband and I were two of the…

Copy of Calm in the Storm - Reema Yeager.pdf
Essay of a transcendent experience trying to get home as Harvey hit

Copy of Harvey poems - Sara Cress.pdf
I wrote a poem days before Harvey for Gray Matters asking Hurricane Harvey to spare the rest of my family, to take me if it needed to take anyone. Our house was flooded with three feet of water. The poems after the flood were written for my…

Copy of Hope don_t sink pdf - Mikey Mikey.pdf
I was inspired to write this poem as I watched the news during Harvey. I had family members who had to be rescued from their homes, and I waited desperately to hear that they were safe. I went through Alison, and I felt it in my spirit to write this…

Copy of Hurricane Diary - One person_s Harvey story - Harriet Riley.pdf
hurricane diary I kept during Harvey

Copy of The stories children are telling - Harriet Riley.pdf
article published in Gray Matters about writing with children after the storm

Copy of Houston Strong - Shante D Berry 1 - Shanté Berry.pdf
Houston Strong is a chapter from the new book Ride It Out: Transforming Storms Into Greatness, a newly released book dedicated to Hurricane Harvey Survivors. The book is an inspirational memoir on how to transform the painful storms in life and…

Copy of Sermon 9_2F10_2F2017 - Arthur Callaham.pdf
Shoes On- A Sermon Preached at Christ Church Cathedral, Houston on 10 September 2017. A Personal Reflection on Callaham's experience of Harvey. This Sermon is also available in audio format at…
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