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The University of Houston Libraries staff stayed connected with one another during Hurricane Harvey using the App. Staff voluntarily could share their personal experiences with the storm and respond to requests made by other coworkers. Through…

Copy of Elizabeth White-Olsen Harvey Social Media Diary  - Elizabeth White-Olsen.pdf
This is personal writing I did during Harvey to share with family and friends. I posted this writing on Facebook.

Copy of Merrie_s Cheesecake on the Balcony-A Harvey Story pdf - Catherine Gentry.pdf
Harvey flooding destroyed precious memories, but resulted in renewing a nearly fifty year old friendship.

Copy of ShelterInPlaceFlashMemoirFlahertyPagan - Patricia Flaherty Pagan.pdf
My flash memoir piece, "Shelter In Place" depicts the frightening time this oil-and-gas wife spent sheltering under the "leather coat burrow" in a closet with my 3-year-old son. As we have moved from city to city with my husband's company, this was…

Copy of The Floating Shoe - Lauren.pdf
A narrative account of my family and I's experience during the hurricane.

Copy of Venit, Vidit, Vicit - Eli Winter.pdf
A brief essay about hurricane anxiety and dry guilt.

Copy of Dreams After Harvey - Taryn M.pdf
An essay I wrote while I was displaced and waiting to go back home.

Copy of What binds us_  For Houston Flood Museum - Maria Merrill.pdf
My home did not flood during Hurricane Harvey, however I continue to get anxious when it rains, and I'm surprised by my reaction, I used to love thunderstorms, now I worry.

Copy of Kelsey O_Four Girls and a Hurricane - Kelsey O_Maoileidigh.pdf
This is the story of four girls who had never experienced a hurricane before and the adventure they went on together.
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